“The Pilot’s Advisor” and “Pilot’s Retire Early”

Reveals the 9 Critical Decisions When Retiring and the 7 Lessons To Save Your Retirement.

“Engage the Pilot’s Advisor & Light the Afterburners On Your 401K


We’ve Helped Many of These Employees Light the Afterburners On Their Retirement:

Why work with the Pilot’s Advisor?

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Step 1: Discover your Investment Philosophy!

Watch this short video and Learn how to stop speculating and Gambling with your Money

Step 2: What is your Risk Tolerance?

Knowing your Risk tolerance is an essential part of prudent investing

Step 3: Request a FREE Portfolio MRI

Ryan will fully analyze your current portfolio and reveal to you any pitfalls in your investment plan

FedEx Pilots

Want to improve your Fidelity 401K?

Let us show you how. Learn about our “FedEx 401K Afterburner Program.”


The Pilot’s Advisor

Why work with Ryan Fleming? As a pilot himself, Ryan understands the retirement goals of pilots. In his latest book, The Pilot’s Advisor, Ryan talks about why pilot’s need specific financial advice.


Airline Pilots

401k plan’s have many options to improve your retirement. Are you taking advantage of them? Are you going to be a part of the 0% tax bracket in retirement?  Let us show you how!


Do Your Mutual Funds “Talk” To Each Other? They Should…Why?

Say one mutual fund is selling Apple while another is buying Apple. Inefficient. Costing you $$$.

It’s called overlap and happens ALL THE TIME. Eliminate overlap and have tons more fun at retirement.

Proud Member of the United States Air Force Academy

The Fleming Financial Group, LLC is a wealth coaching and advisory firm that specializes in Military and Airline Pilots.  Ryan Fleming, the “Pilot’s Advisor” guides professional pilot’s and retirees toward achieving financial independence and a long-term investment strategy. The Fleming Financial Group, LLC utilizes an approach called Free Market Investment Strategy that is based on sixty years of Nobel Prize winning research.

Free Market Portfolio Theory is the synthesis of three academic principles:

Efficient Market Hypothesis      |      Modern Portfolio Theory     |     The Three-Factor Method

Together these concepts form a powerful, disciplined and diversified approach to investing. The result is globally diversified portfolios including over 32,000 equities spread across forty-two countries, designed and engineered to capture market rates of return over specific time horizons. This approach will help the investor achieve true investment “peace of mind.”


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