Delta Pilots

Ryan Fleming is “The Pilot’s Advisor®” and is uniquely qualified to help Delta pilots make sure their 401k plans are working just as hard as they are. Using his financial background, his personal and first-hand knowledge of the airline industry, and Delta’s Fidelity retirement plan, he is able to help fellow Aviators
“Land Safely In Retirement.”

We can help you to stop worrying about the day-to-day investment strategies in your portfolio
so you can sleep at night and focus on what really matters.


Your retirement account is likely one of your largest assets.

Are you giving it the attention it deserves?

For most pilots, the answer is absolutely not. Prudent investment decisions within your retirement account are critically important since the funds you accumulate over the coming years may need to support you through many years of retirement.

Get The Help You Need

Delta and Fidelity have enhanced your employer-sponsored qualified retirement plan to include access to professional money management through a self-directed brokerage-link retirement account option.

Lastly, according to a Vanguard study* of 40,000 participants, managed accounts have a notable effect on returns due to increased equity exposure and savings rates, as well as a reduction in portfolio risk levels and costs. Of the participants surveyed, it was reported that:

  • 60% increased their projected 10-year retirement wealth by an average of 30%.
  • 30% earned value through a reduction in portfolio risk.
  • 1/3 chose to increase their savings rate by an average of 3%.
  • 60% saw a reduction in average fund fees.
  • Expense ratios were reduced by an average of 0.06%.

Diverse options. More Growth potential.

This option gives you access to work with a financial advisor and access a much wider range of investment options, offering greater diversification opportunities and the potential for higher returns.

The Pilot’s Advisor has partnered with HCM, a professional money manager, to provide you a very inexpensive but very valuable solution to help you change your investment future in your Delta / Fidelity account.