Fries with that?

Fast food restaurants have moved well beyond the usual ‘burger and fries’ a long time ago.

Depending on your favorite haunt, the menu can actually be pretty huge!

Many fast-food joints have hopped on the ‘healthy eating’ bandwagon and have salads in their lineup – but buyer beware!

Sometimes a salad costs more than a burger and can carry even more calories and fat. It’s a sneaky way to make people feel like they’re eating a nutritious meal on the go.

The reasoning is sound: people want a healthier option than fried food and burgers, and with good cause.

So the fast food industry has said ‘sure thing!’ to get people buying without actually addressing the problem and charging a premium for it.

Obesity is still on the rise, and a big part of that is because healthy food is perceived as more expensive than unhealthy food.

A study done by Harvard University concluded that eating healthier doesn’t always mean breaking the bank or making compromises. It can be done with an increase of $1.50 per day in your grocery budget (or $550 per year).

It seems like a big jump when you look at the number, but the benefits of healthier eating will probably outweigh the cost: better immunity, lower risk of major illnesses like cancers and heart disease, increased lifespan, better digestion, and weight management.

The real trick to eating healthy on a budget is to plan ahead and make your own food. It’s okay to treat yourself occasionally, but remember this: the fast food industry is not there to look after your health, it’s there to generate profit.

Protecting your health is a big step towards getting the long and healthy retirement you want. But of course, paying for that retirement is, too.

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